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3 Common Energy Zappers

3 Common Energy Zappers

The amount of clients I see who suffer from low energy is very common. We live in such an energy zapping world that if we are not careful all our precious energy will be used up doing things that do not benefit our health one bit. So today I wanted to cover some common energy […] Read more…

Cleansing Butternut Squash Soup

Cleansing butternut squash soup

This cleansing butternut squash soup is so quick and easy to make and will leave you feeling light and energised. Butternut squash is high in fibre and is great for blood sugar regulation. The perfect food to enjoy especially if you are on a weight loss plan. Store bought soups tend to be packed full […] Read more…

Are you caught up in the body shaming cycle?


I recently wrote a blog post  ‘Are you hating yourself and your body into change.’ This is such an important topic for me that I wanted to expand on it more. We often believe that hating, self loathing and self punishment are the only ways to help motivate us to make positive changes. So you hate […] Read more…

Psycle your way to a healthier body and mind

Post workout with Becky the instructor

For me a workout has to consist of a few things. I have to really enjoy it, it must help strengthen my body, energise and de stress me. Psycle is really ticking all those boxes for me at the moment. If you read my last post on Psycle you will know a bit about this workout. […] Read more…

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