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A Curried Chickpea & Lentil Salad with Toasted Almonds

Curried chickpea salad

A delicious quick and easy chickpea and lentil salad bursting with flavour and protein to keep your metabolism revved up and building muscle. I am all about non complicated recipes and this is so simple. So next time you are short on time rustle up this yummy salad and your taste buds and tummy will […] Read more…

My 3 Day Crude Juice Cleanse

My experience with the Crude Juice 3 day cleanse

The week was coming to an end and I really felt like I needed to flood my body with some goodness. As I was heading out of London to stay with my parents for the weekend. I thought that it was the perfect time to do a 3 day juice cleanse. Away from the stress […] Read more…

Psycle: The New Cardio Craze


I have never been a person that enjoys spin classes. Sign me up for a bootcamp, circuit, running type of workout and I am there. But sitting on a bike for 45 minutes has never really appealed to me. I like to move my whole body and I tend to get a bit bored when […] Read more…

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